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The omnipresent, omniscient, all pervasive, and the One in All and the All in One Almighty internally and externally reside as time and space in this Universe.

The genesis of this Universe from inanimate to animate beings and the levels of intelligence from one to six senses are the inherent nature of the Almighty's existence since none of it was or is being created by any human kind on this earth.

The self-replicating, self-perpetuating, self-desiring, self-controlling, self-roaming and self-destroying and recreating the whole process from zero to exponential and vice-versa are unknown to many of human beings even today.

The people of higher intelligent made their genesis even among a very lot of them was unable to understand their existence. This invocation has made them to be separated or put them on higher pedestal from other fellow beings as rishis, siddhas or sages. After very long penance they exposed the existence of 'Supreme Being'and named it GOD. This is not only a belief but it is the essence of self-realization.

Indian culture is inherently inter-woven with this strong-truth-belief and hence the land of India is the 'heart of the world' pumping the cosmic-energy-flow over this biosphere from centres of bio-cum-electromagnetic energies stored in temples.

If one centre exhaust another new centre (temple) takes its role.Hence, the genesis of a new temple 'Sri Maha Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi Temple' at Panchaputheswaram of Vediarenthal Villakku near Manamadurai of Sivaganga District in Tamil Nadu, 'India is inevitable'.

About - Sri Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi
About - Sri Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi

Saktha Dharsanam

Goddess ‘Sakthi’ is the part and  parcel  of Lord Shiva  and SHE is   the manifestation of this universe. Her names keep on changing as ‘change is the permanent on this universe’. The SHE is none other than Maha Pathira Kali and now called ‘Sri Prathyangira’.

The name pathiram refers to Mangalam that means prosperity. As She bestows prosperity to all the human beings She is also adorably called as ‘Adarvana Pathirakali’ as per one of the four Vedas of Hindu’s, the Adarvanaveda. She is the dispeller of all sins of inner nature.

She is the ‘Vishvaroopi’ as guard of all lokas, destroyer of anger, provider of prosperity, dweller of intelligence, manifestor of bliss and grander of mukthi. As SHE is the Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathy and Parasakthi She worshipped ‘Maha Bairavar’ with ‘Panchapootha’ combination having form, formless and formless-form and hence the name ‘Panchamukha Prathyangiraa’. Her dharsan, internally and externally, create vibrations of uncountable, unimaginable and unassuming Pranava or Sakthi that would purify the soul: the self.

The Temple

The temple of ‘Sri Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi’ has made its humble beginning around mid 2002 at the Panchaputheswaram, Manamadurai, Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu. Now, it is being constructed fully with cut-stones of hard rock as per ‘Agamam of Chirppa Sasthiram’. The whole construction is made out of stone work as done by kings so that it could house thousands of people to congress and worship for thousands of years to come.

The statue of the Devi is standing 11¼ feet high on lotus. The main temple of Devi is surrounded by sub temples of Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapathy, Thasamahaa Vidhya, Sri Vijaya Agarsana Bairavar, Sri Saptha Mathas, Saptha Rishis and 18 Siddhas as well. As the Goddess admix panchaputhas and adore Her-self with 27 star constellations as her garland SHE shines as incarnation of guru-swaroopini as swaguru, param-guru and Parameshti-guru.

Day-in and day-out her immaculate inception shines forth and dispels the problems of the thousands of devotees approaching HER and as a result the place is becoming a focal point of huge gathering.

As an example, on August 22 to 24, 2006 Sri Satha-Chandi Maha Yaagam was performed at the premises. To the surprise of all, cumulatively a large gathering around one lakh people visited this place with devotion, love and affection, as the biggest human congress ever in this location. An estimated number of 60,000 people dinned in the Annadhanam. Otherwise, Annadhanam is being performed daily since its inception.

The growth from 2002 to this year is fast at incalculable speed and She her-self exponentially grow in the psychic of Indians and in particular the people of Tamil Nadu.

About - Sri Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi

About - Sri Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa Devi